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"I love my work."

I get to meet interesting people, discuss their ideas and plans, and then help them figure out how to bring them to life. Each project is different, giving me a fresh set of challenges to meet and avenues to explore.

I have some great people that I work with, each bringing different skills, experience and perspectives, but all sharing a desire to make things that we are proud off.

Together, we can build almost anything, including interactive web content, websites, web and mobile applications, cloud based business systems, even a live TV show voting engine (once!).

"The work can be hard, but it's always interesting".
Mike Strange - Director

Final Version Projects

I work alongside businesses to develop an approach to get their business from the idea stage to a functioning digital product. Sometimes this involves simply building the product, in other cases it can be a whole journey, creating a strategy and timeline, and finding a clear path to the business goal.

In recent years the web has exploded with a vast number of tools and capabilities becoming available to enable even small business to compete on a massive scale and to create applications in a fraction of the time and budgets previously possible.

Ultimately, this means that even on smaller budgets, the possibilities are huge. It's a very exciting time to be involved!

Here are just a few examples of recent projects.

Curious Fu IOS App

A free mindfulness and relaxation mediation app for use during pregnancy


The fine people at Curious Fu had an idea mindfullness and meditation app that they wanted to take forward to a full product.

This was one of those really exciting jobs where I was able work through the entire process with the Curious Fu team, right from working though the initial designs, figuring out the app flow, and then taking it forward to a finished product.

You can check it out here.

The Digital Project Playbook

A free tool to enable users to create rock solid project proposals.


One of the keystones of a successful project is a clear, well thought out project brief. However, they can be hard to write, particularly if you don't have a lot of technical experience.

The Digital Project Playbook is a free web application which makes writing a rock solid project proposal easy.

It takes you through the important areas to include and comes complete with detailed explanations and help, based on over 15 years experience and hundreds of successful projects.

Once you've completed the playbook, you can generate a formatted project overview which you can use for getting quotes and finding potential project partners.

The goal is to help anyone who wants to embark on this kind of project get off to a great start.

You can find out more or give it a go for free

Squidcard Marketing Site

Design and development of the Squidcard marketing site


This project involved creating a new polished design for sQuidcard to replace their rather dated website.

Once the client was happy with the design, it was re-built as a custom Concrete5 theme complete with custom widgets for some of the more complex interactive elements.

You can find out more about sQuid (and check out their site!) at

Medical Research Council

Interactive career framework explorer


For this project, I worked alongside the good people at Binary Vision to help bring this complex project to life.

This involved consulting during the initial project and user experience design stages and then taking those finalised designs and storyboards forward into a fully working product.

The brief and the design meant that we were pushing the limits of the technology so this involved a great deal of testing and working around browser and device power issues.

The response to the project has been very positive and we are now working on the next iteration.

A really interesting project all round! If you want to have a look, you can find it on the MRC's website.

Seabury International
Shipping App

An application for mining and interacting with the clients data.


The brief for this project was to design and build a web based tool to enable users to mine Seabury's vast databases to search for sales leads and other information.

It needed to be simple to use and elegant whilst retaining some powerful features to make the tool genuinely useful. The user can query the data adjusting a wide array of parameters in a clean, understandable and graphical way, and then compare and shortlist the results.

The application was built entirely in javascript with the AngularJS framework.

Custom Interactive Infographics

Helping organisations create fully interactive infographics for use both on the web and on their intranets.


These infographics are a way of presenting large amounts of data in an engaging way.

In addition to being able to view the images used, much of the content allows the user to interact with the data, drilling down to specific sectors, changing date ranges, etc, whilst having the graphics dynamically re-draw in realtime.

These are often created for large corporates and as a result need to run on a wide range of hardware, often in very secure, restricted environments. As each one is created specifically for purpose, they are designed to work within these limitations whilst providing the best user experience possible.


A fully bespoke responsive website.


This project involved creating a bespoke website from the ground up and included migrating the many years-worth of content from the old site.

Navigation was a key issue, as the company offer several hundred different courses. A custom built instant search was created to allow fast access to the courses - each reached within a couple of key strokes from anywhere on the site. In addition a system of tags were created as 'master' categories and then applied not only to the courses, but to blog posts, resources and general categories, allowing the user to accurately filter areas of specific interest throughout the entire site.


A scalable, cloud-deployed employment platform.


The Providajob platform enables employers to post jobs and company profiles onto the site, and candidates to apply for posts, complete with detailed CVs and portfolios to support their application.

The interface was designed to be vibrant and fluid - making the process of creating a profile, posting or applying for a job as simple, quick and elegant as possible.

The whole platform is hosted on cloud infrastructure to enable the site to scale very rapidly, enabling them to provide a robust service, even with thousands of users on the site.

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